We are proud to announce that Amrit has joined forces with our new brand ambassador Yuvraj Singh

Started by international cricketer and cancer survivor Yuvraj Singh, YouWeCan is assiduously working towards its mission to empower all people to fight cancer through awareness, prevention, early detection, patient support and survivor empowerment.

Smart Patients, Smart Health

Enabling Decentralized Science for equitable and efficient healthcare by leveraging AI and Blockchain technologies to empower patients over their own data and creating an ecosystem for all stakeholders in drug discovery for rare diseases.

Join our mission to accelerate drug discovery fueled by real-world-data.

The AMRIT Story

Your data, your decision, your benefit – health goes AMRIT!

Your data, your decision, your benefit -
health goes AMRIT!

AMRIT is a marketplace, changing healthcare by letting patients license their own data. AMRIT provides equal science, simple access to services, unbiased insights and rewards. Encrypted and anonymised. See how Yuvraj Singh and Dr. Gunjan Bhardwaj level the playing field for you, the patient.

Lack of information

70% of patients do not get the information they need during their treatments.

Need for automation

Petabytes of research data is making research an inhuman task.

Data silos

Missing Real-World Data and data silos make holistic approaches difficult.

The solution

Building a secure ecosystem that provides patients the opportunity
to exchange Real-World Data for needed services and accurate information


An ecosystem built on AI and Blockchain technology to unite and provide for all the stakeholders.

Real-World Data

We are empowering patients by providing unbiased information, offering needed services and rewarding them for their Real-World Data. This happens encrypted and anonymized.

DAO paradigm

Including Real-World Data and our proprietary DeepTech IP within drug discovery not only accelerates the process, but also makes it more accurate.



  • Ricevono token per aver fornito dati
  • Possono donare i token
  • Can buy in-app services with tokens, e.g. second opinion, digital therapeutics

Aziende farmaceutiche

  • Eseguono sondaggi usando i token
  • Pagano i token ai pazienti per la partecipazione
  • License data in and out

Associazioni pazienti

  • Ricevono donazioni
  • Facilitate discovery and other programs for patients

Regolatori e Assicuratori

  • Run objective analysis and surveys to build the best and safest auditing and control system

Terapie digitali

  • Platform with existing reach for individual applications
  • Complete package for patients – no piecemeal

Investitori e filantropi

  • Can buy tokens on the secondary exchange and profit from the value increase

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