Amrit.AI is the world’s largest auto-scaling graph platform for Life-science.
Fueled by a vibrant DAO, realizing a decentralized medical research future
AI and blockchain powered marketplace for all stakeholders where patients voluntarily license health data for research and Drug Discovery.
Patented AI technology to crunch terabytes of complex data to address the most pressing patient’s questions.
The Problem

Information for patients

70% of the ailing patients are not getting the information they need.

Semi-automated research

Terabytes of research data is making research an inhuman task.

Real world data

The biggest missing link in research to generate any meaningful insights

No benefit to the patients in lieu of their health data usage for research

The Solution

Patients can easily access apps to get answers to their most pressing questions

Multifold improvement in research when patented AI technology is combined with patient’s real world data (e.g. 10x for novel target identification)

An ecosystem built on cutting edge technology to unite and provide for all the stakeholders.

An ecosystem leverages the power of patented AI and blockchain technologies
  • Find suitable physicians in each country based on their specialization
  • Identify and setup a panel of expert physicians for second opinion
  • Organizing patient content from the uploaded documents, (i.e unstructured data with pictures) into life science contextualised content
  • Matching algorithms to identify the disease specific twins (e.g Cancer Twin, Neuro Twin, etc), clinical trial recruitments, etc
  • AI driven security measures with end to end data encryption for blocking malicious accounts, data theft, etc