Innovation-led technology
Technology and UX design are recognized by patents and awards

Amrit has access to 41 AI-based innovation patents as of October 2021

CURIA app got the Horizon Interactive Award, 2020"

PDF extraction

Leverages image processing to classify and extract relevant info from PDF and image files.

Enhanced OCR to handle ambiguous and special characters with higher precision. Understands page layout and structure in the same way as humans do.

Entity Normalization

Resolving entities from disparate sources covering name variations and degeneration.

Increasing the precision to discover entities even with sparse metadata.

Leveraging crawled data to improve normalization.

Advanced analytics and Blockchain solutions

Extended Natural Language Processing (NLP) into Life Science Language Processing™ (LSLP) to be able to query and interpret medical data in medical context

Data exchange powered by Ocean Protocol
Data publishing, staking and buying orchestrated on Ocean Market using Ocean Protocol through the use of ERC20 datatokens
Enables private data to be bought and sold on-premise
3rd parties can run specific compute jobs on it to get useful compute results like averaging or building an AI model"
Data processing and storage to standardize and manage huge data pools
Our data ingestion system tracks 95% of the life-sciences web for any relevant and reliable content.
The system then identifies all new and relevant information using our proprietary life science Ontology-driven reinforcement learning and adds it to the queue.
Our crawling engine is able to crawl over 10 billion web pages a day, performing AI-powered deep-web crawling for identified sources and using human-like interactions where necessary.
Data processing and storage to standardize and manage huge data pools
Data security is of utmost importance to us and so we ensure highest level of security with data on Google Cloud. Other than the applications (which can access the data only when encrypted), there is no other way to access the data (even in a summarized or masked way).
Compliance to achieve



Privacy by design


Other data

Connection to external enterprise data store through ISPec tunnel (secured 1:1 communication) Even backup is encrypted Entire source code is maintained on private Git

The Amrit technology stack offers multiple benefits for research and drug discovery
The Amrit platform uses technology with several years of development and over 300.000 person days invested in development.
How we differ?
The systems process
unstructured data
Our proprietary
Machine Learning & AI
Computer Vision / Image Recognition
Entity Normalization
How it works?
Our Ontology is self-learning
  • 25+ Million biomedical terms
  • 1+ Trillion data connections
We configure AI models over this Ontology
  • Life science language processing™ instead of NLP
  • “Cancer” is a big deal in natural language, commonplace in pharma
We don’t need data in templates
  • Processes archives, congresses and other data in PDFs/Images
  • Understands page layout, structure and separates tables & graphs
Our algorithms connect records across scattered data sources
  • Covers name variations & synonyms. John D Smith vs Smith, JD
  • Multiple things referred by with same name. e.g APR
How we differ?
The architecture connects
enterprise data
Our proprietary
Network Analysis
How it works?
We integrate enterprise data securely
  • TruAgent™ makes data searchable without storing the original
  • Integrators for all third-party and enterprise data
Our setup generate insights on the fly
  • Large scale network of information from public & enterprise
  • Continuous data integration and real-time insights